Nuovi Arrivi

NUOVE OPERE IN ARCHIVIO: Nuria Montoya Salinas

Oggi è arrivata l’opera di Nuria Montoya Salinas per 70’ART. Nuria Montoya Salinas era già presente nell’ A.I.M.A. (Archivio Internazionale Mail Art) e nel M.I.M.A. (Museo Internazionale Mail Art).

Mexican-Italian Painter “A mexican painter, Nuria Montoya, since ’98 live in Italy, prefer large formats and many panels (go to “azebrato” or “il nodo” paint), use discard material, pollutant, refuse collection and dyestuff to make her paintings (go to “esqueletos” or “hallazgos” paint); she works with these ingredients to help ecosystem, to do one’s bit for clean and hanging it to wall to watch it.  For Montoya, all we make to express ourselves, if made with passion, with concession and arduous analyses is art.   We all are art when we are ourselves”.“I live in Italy since 1998.I studied painting at the Art Academy of Durango in Mexico. I am graphic designer and I do the professional painter since i arrives in Italy. In this 6 years  of artistic activity I have learned so many things and also i had great art satisfactions. I have appeared approximately in 60 collective exhibitions and 3 Individual ones. I like to make great format an colorful paintings.  My pictures are a direct expression of my intern serpents”. 

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