Fabio Sassi

I live and work in Bologna, Italy. I have been going through several experiences for the past 20 years: music, writing, photographing, performing.Since 1990 I’m focused on making acrylics with the stencil technique on canvas, board or other medium. I’m very active in the Mail Art network and I’ve joined more than 800 projects so far followed by many group exhibits all over the world. I have done some personal exhibits in Bologna:


 1990: “Scratches On The Walls”. A photographic journey, discovering the many different graffiti styles of Europe. 1993:“Cyclopean Power”. Graphic works presenting bicycles as the best way to move in the city. 1995: “Happy Birthday Cinema!”. A celebration of the cinema in a combination of acrylic and graphic collage. 1997:“Homage To Andy Warhol”. An intense use of graphics, stencils, copy art and collages to celebrate one of the most intriguing minds of Modern Arts, on the 10th anniversary of his death. In 1997 I was invited to join the exhibition “Symbols Of The 21st Century” held by the Museum of Post and Communication in Berlin. I completed my largest Mail Art piece (13x7ft) for it. On a smaller scale, some of my Mail Art artworks have become printed postcards: 1995: Rodolfo Valentino Centennial commissioned by the Municipality of Castellaneta, the birthplace of Valentino. 1997: Homage To Andy Warhol, commissioned by the Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilborciach (Slovakia). Some of my works appeared also on Printmaking Today (U.K.), winter 2000 and spring 2001 issues, on Somerset Studio (USA) sep/oct 2003, Paris Capitale (France) oct/nov 2003. Since 2002 I join Remember September a Mail Art project which is developed by Gail Ellspermann, Katona, NY to commemorate, on an annual basis, the tragic attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. On 2006 I’ve joined some important projects as:

Works on Paper 


Spring Benefit Bazaar, organized by Flux Factory, Long Island City, NY, USA.

If They Come for You in the Morning


A Benefit  Art Show for Daniel McGowan, at  ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington St, Lower East Side, NYC, U.S.A.

Co-sponsored by Visual Resistance and Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan.

Art not Oil   www.artnotoil.org.uk

Art Not Oil  a non-profit project aimed at encouraging artists to create works that explore the damage that oil companies are doing to the planet, and the role art can play in counteracting that damage.

The 2006-7 exhibition opened outside the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) on the night of the ceremony for the BP Portrait Award on June 13th.

2006-7 will see a tour around the UK and an accompanying online gallery.

Do Not Fold, Bend, Spindle or Mutilate:

Computer Punch Card Art   www.washingtonpavilion.org

A unique computer punch card mailing exhibition organized by the Visual Arts Center’s curator, Howard DaLee Spencer at the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science, Sioux Falls, SD, U.S.A.

The staff of the Visual Arts Center at the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science mailed never punched cards to a wide selection of artists and cultural figures across the country and around the world. They were instructed to create artworks using the punch cards and to return their artistic creations to the Visual Arts Center in a business reply envelope that accompanied each punch card.



An international interdisciplinary project investigating how each one of us experiences fear and how it affects our lives. September 11 – November 11  2006 at Intersection for the Arts, 446 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA

Beatles Art (two artworks page 110 and 111)


Beatles Art” truly captures the spirit of the group