François Frisch (Fraenz)

“Bornin the Grand-Duchy of LuxembourgonAugust 12 , 1943 .In  art , I am an autodidact.In World War II , I started  « drawing » .As a war baby I hardly had toys.So,my mother gave me a pencilandsome paper.Since that moment,I spent most of my time with doodling …and …I never stopped that activity again !  :o) Later, after my college years, I attended courses indrawing,painting ( watercolour ) ,etching / engraving…… interested in a lot of things,design,illustration,photography,have become my favourite activities, all the same.  I participated  i.e. in group exhibitions . Sincethe end of  2002 ,I’m in  mail art –and prefercreating and receivingoriginal ( ! ) works of art .”  

François Frisch, called Fraenz ,is an autodidact in fine arts. He was born in Luxembourg, on August 12, 1943. He attended courses in drawing , painting watercolour, engraving and since 1975, devoted himself to photography as well. He took part in many collective exhibitions.From 1984 to 2006 he was a member of the consulting culture committee of his administrative district.  In 2001, he is the co-founder of an annual Festival de la Gravure in Luxembourg. In the 2002, encouraged by the artist francis Van Maele (Francis Fan Mail), now living in Ireland, he dedicated himself to mail art. The encounter and the friendly relation with Baudhuin Simon from Belgium (Pigdada), has been decisive for his future activities. Fraenz established many international relationships, always partecipated with original work in a lot of projects, designs (and collects) personal postcards and artistamps in limited editions.The most important personal project: the list of artists on his site:




Indirizzo: BP 61 L-7201 Walferdange – GD de Luxembourg

Tel./Fax:  00352 33 3871