HeMi (Henning Mitterdorf)

Personal Data (Curriculum Vitae)”HeMi” has been born in 1938. He has together with his wife two daughters. Since 1953 he lives – with interruptions in Frankfurt am Main. 1956 he started acquiring his knowledge concerning artistic theory and practice, above aIl a the Städel Abendschule and at the Volkshochschule in Frankfurt am Main, at the universities of Berlin as wellas of MOnchen and during workshops as well as study trips in Frankfurt am Main, Trier, Séguret (F) and Lédenon (F).In 1980 HeMi has decided in favour of the conscious artistic interconnection to expand and to intensify his artistic activities entering the global network of mail art.From 1970 on HeMi’s world-wide artistic participation, ie. verbal communication and non-verbal interaction, manifested itself beyond the numerous correspondences and mail ari meetings with his in particular mail ari partners stili: in 45 personal exhibitions in B, D, F, I, J, ROK and in the USA, in 10 own international mail ari projects, in some carried out byhimself workshops, in several texts being translated into a number of languages, namely into Dutch, English, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese and into Romanian, in own editions of artist’s postcards, artist’s postage stamps (“artistamps”) and own artist’s bobks, in some hundred coopèrative projects, above ali in numerous exhibitions and many editions, like collective prints, collections of prints, cooperative books and cooperative periodicals, in the public and private collecting of his works, in mentions within print media and other ones, inclusive the Internet, in several distinctions and in his HeMiSpheres-Archives as reflection of his artistic work and networking. It shows own, others’ and cooperative works, documents as well as documentations and has gone to the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt in 2004.




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