Biografia1950. (Marocco) Lives in Tangier the mythical and International city, till 1967. Studies of design and contemporary art. U.N.E.D. Madrid. Technical and pictorial procedures with Mariano de Blas. Works next to the Painter Rafael Rivera Rosa in his silkscreen studio, in San Juan de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico). Several artistic projects (Performances, etc.. etc..) with the artist Of the Dominican Republic, Geo Ripley, in Santo Domingo (Rep.Dominicana). In 1973 he travels to 45 different Countries visiting the studies of painters next to those that later on exposes in collective: Carmelo González and Lesbia Vent Dumois (Cuba), Isabel Pons (Brazil), Rechany and Carmelo Sobrino (Puerto Rico), Jardiel (Spain)…. Workshop of Engraving with the Painter Enrique  Pérez Triana (Cuba). Workshop of Painting with José Hernández, The Escorial   (Spain). Technical  calcographyc  impression  with the Engraver Jesus Palacios Benavente, Madrid. Selected  by  the  Community  of Madrid for the itinerant exhibition “SouthPeriphery” Technical  electrographyc procedures and their artistic application, with the Artist Rubén Tortosa,

, Electrographyc Museum of Cuenca Spain Preselect by Preselect  the Circulo of BB.AA  .for the Exhibition:” Proposal 94″. Workshop  of painting with the   Painter  Eduardo Urculo, The Escorial.(Spain). He is one of the most active visual and experimental Spanish poets. He Founded in 1995, the Association of Mail-art  Spanish artists  (AMAE) Participating in about of 500 exhibitions of M.A. and publishing 17 zines of mail-art, visual poetry etc..etc.. Workshop of Silkscreen with María Suardi (C.A.M.) Madrid. Workshop of Engraving with José Hernández, The Escorial, (Spain) Workshop of Painting with José Hernández, Aranjuez (Madrid) Workshop of graphic Techniques, with Paco Mora and Carmelo Rubio, El Jardinico, Centro Murciano of graphic art. Caravaca de la Cruz. 10 individual exhibitions and more than 100 collective exhibitions. His work is in Diverse Museums of World and in important collections matters. At the moment he works in new technologies and their artistic creation.




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