Pascal Lenoir

Pascal Lenoir (A brief biography)

[1.] Pascal Lenoir. Born: June, 18, 1957. Lives in Grandfresnoy, France (70 km North Paris). Begins in Mail Art in the early 80’. Receives and send many mails each year. Creates magazines, collages, postcards, rubberstamps, visual poetry, drawings… Assembled MANI ART (see [2.]) Organized several Mail Art exhibitions. Mail art archivist (Galerie Postale).
[2.] MANI ART (1984-2001), a non-profit international assembling magazine in a limited edition (generally: 60 copies); a living and contemporary Mail Art anthology with several hundred artist’s original works: postcards, photos, drawings, paintings, artistamps, collages, rubberstamps, visual poetry… from all countries (135 issues have been published). Each mail artist receives all works with his participation for free. MANI ART circulates mail art to private and public archives (Paris, Londres, Berlin, Rome, New-York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Buenos-Aires…) and exchanges with others mail art publications or/and mail artists.
[3] Since 40 years, thousands mail art exhibitions and publications in the world (U.S.A., (West and East) Europe, Japan, Australia, Latin America…)

Photo (©Maryse Delafollie), from left to right, Ryosuke Cohen, Pascal Lenoir et Baudhuin Simon, Marbehan (Belgium), avril 2002

[4] Lectures (some publications) :
– Timbres d’artistes, Musée de la Poste, Paris, France, 1994.
– Arte Postale, Vittore Baroni, AAA Edizioni, Bertolio, Italia, 1997.
– Mail-Art, Art postal-Art posté, R. Siegmann, Ed. Alternatives, Paris, France, 2002.
– Assembling magazines 1969-2000, Géza Perneczky, Arnyékkötök Foundation (Budapest), 2007.
[5] For all information, question or correspondence, write to :
Pascal Lenoir / 11, ruelle de Champagne / 60680 Grandfresnoy / France.
Since more than 40 years, I try to answer to all. Also email :



Indirizzo: 11 Ruelle De Champagne  60680 Grandfresnoy – France