Nuovi Arrivi


Oggi è arrivata l’opera di Bennett John M. per 70’ART. Bennett John M. era già presente nell’ A.I.M.A. (Archivio Internazionale Mail Art) e nel M.I.M.A. (Museo Internazionale Mail Art).

More than 200 books chapbooks and audio recordings includine WHITE SCREEN, NY, 1976; FOUND OBJECTS, NY, 1973; MEAT WATCH, Columbus, 1977; NIPS POEMS, Columbus, 1 980; PUKING HORSE, Columbus, 1980; TIME RELEASE, Columbus, 1978; JERKS, Woodinvilie, 1980; SOME BLOOD [with C. Mehrl Bennett], Columbus, 1982; BLENDER, E. Lansing, 1983; BURNING DOG, Columbus, 1983;ANTPATH, Toronto, 1984, NOSE DEATH, Columbus, 1984; NO BOY, Denver, 1985; 13 SPITS, Minneapolis, 1986; THE SPITTER [cassette tape], Columbus, 1985; AX TONGUE [cassette tape with Byron Smith], Columbus, 1986; THE BIUR (cassette tape with Byron Smith], Columbus 1987; THE THE POEMS, Toronto, 1987; CASCADE, Columbus, 1987; STONES IN THE LAKE, Colurnbus & Madison, 1987; TWITCH, Teanek NJ, 1988; SWELLING, Pt. Chariatte FI 1988; REGRESSION, Columbus, 1988; LICE Hoffman Estates IL, 1989; MILK, Columbus, 1990; SPAN, Pt. Charlotte, 1990;WAS AH, Cieveland, 1991; FENESTRATION, Columbus 1991; BLEACHED, Racine, 1992; WAVE Columbus 1993; NEUF POEMES Lyon, France, 1992; POD KINGIUTTERED THOUGHT CLIMATOLOGY [cassette tape, with Torn Furgas, Dave Ciark Walter Drake], Columbus, 1992; BLIND ON THE TEMPLE, Columbus, 1993; DRY, San Francisco, 1993; BLANKSMANSHIP, Columbus, 1994; PETRO BRF-ATHIEL NINGUNEO [cassette tape, with Screamin’Popeyes], Columbus, 1993; AUTOPHAGIA [cassette tape with Mike hovanesek], Columbus 1993; BONE-FLAG [cassette tape with Dick Metealfi, Taegu Korea, 1994; JUST FEET, Norman 1994; SPINAL SPEECH, Flt. Charlotte 1995; FISH MAN CONTROI ROOM, Jackson MS, 1995; JOHNEE’S BOX Columbus, 1991; SLEEPING THE LOAF [cassette tape with Dick Metr-alfi, Columbus, 1995; CORUSCATION DRAIN [cassette tape with Ficus Stranguiensisl, Colurnubus, 1993; INFUSED, Columbus, 1994; EDDY Columbus, 1995; PRIME SWAY, A TRANSDUCTION OF PRIMERO SUENO BY SOR JUANA INES DE LA CRUZ, Norman, 1996; RIDGED, POETA Charlottesville 1996; MILKY FLOOR: SHEILA E. MURPHY AND JOHN M. BENNETT READ COLLABORATIONS, THEIR OWN AND EACH OTHER’S POEMS [cassette tape], Columbus, 1996; DOOR DOOR, San Francisco, 1997; CUL LIT Eimwood, CT, 1997; CLOWN DOOR, Ben lomond, CA, 1997; THE SEASONS, Peterborough, Engiand 1997; BENNETT-WIESE LIVE AT ACME, Columbus 1997 [cassette tape with Jim Wiese]; Editor, LOOSE WATCH: A LOST AND FOUND TIMES ANTHOLOGY, London, 1998; SENDERO LUMINOSO IN CONTEXT, london, 1998; KNOW OTHER, Columbus 1998; MAILER LEAVES HAM, Berkeiey, CA 1999; rolling COMBers, Bedford, 2001; CHAC FIROSTIBULARIO [with lvan Arguelles] Columubus, 2001; DECIMA MUCHO [with lvan Arguellesi, Columbus, 2001; YR CREAM DIP [with Reed Altemusl, Columbus, 2001; GREATEST HITS 1978-2000, Johnstown, OH, 2001; PON A TIME FLAME [with K.S.Ernst], Farmingdale, NJ, 2001; CLUNK [with Scott Heirnesl, Columbus, 2001; DITCH CLOTH, Charlottesvilie, VA, 2001; THE CHAPTERS, 1980-2001 [with Robin Crozier], Columbus, 2002; WOR d fwith Jim Leftwich], Columbus, 2002.

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