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Oggi è arrivata l’opera di H.R. Fricker per 70’ART. H.R. Fricker era già presente nell’ A.I.M.A. (Archivio Internazionale Mail Art) e nel M.I.M.A. (Museo Internazionale Mail Art).

Suisse artist H.R. Fricker was born in Zurich in 1947. Today he lives in Trogen, Suisse, together with his wife. He has been active in the Mail Art network since 1981, up to 1985 he organized three shows. He initiated the first and second Decentralized Mail Art- and Networker Congress 1986 and 1992. In 1994 he started the Fax project “The Face of the Network” for the exhibition “Mail Art. Netzwerk der Künstler” (M.A. The artists’ network) at PTT museum in Bern, Suisse. Todays Museum of Communication in Bern, owns the major part of his archive, that can be seen in a permanent exhibition. Especially his Tourism calls made him popular, the programmatic stamps, political stamp sheets and of course his arranged squarish envelopes. In 2011 the Kunstmuseum Thurgau honored with a comprehensive retrospective H. R. Fricker, who conquered and occupied with his art various places, such as public spaces, envelopes, living rooms, and the Internet. In 2008, Fricker became a member of Facebook, since then he uses the social platform on a daily basis for posts in the context of art. He documents his activities on Facebook each year by printouts of “my social book“. Among his approximately 1400 Facebook friends and 200 subscribers are about 100 artists, whose posts he follows as well. Based on his call for “tourism” in the mail art network in 1985 he has met many of his Facebook friends in person.

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